Why Us?


HoverFun™  Global Limited is Registered and regulated in The United Kingdom of Great Britain.  We stock the latest and most fun Hoverboards. All our Hoverboards and other items we sell have been fully tested in the UK and all internal components are compliant to all UK and EU regulations.

We have had these tested in a UK verified test lab to ensure that all components are compliant and to make sure that batteries and chargers are 100% safe (please see below our certificates).

Free Next Day Delivery

We ship all orders the within 24 hours (Monday-Friday). If the purchase is made after 3pm on Friday, it will be sent out on Monday morning. Most UK customers will receive their orders with 48hours or maximum 5 days for all UK and EU customers. USA (will receive within 5 days if the particular stock is in our USA warehouse, if we send from our EU warehouses, it will take 7-10 days), Canada, Russia, Middle East, Australia and West Africa will take 7-12 days. If the colour you have chosen is not available due to the constant change of stock, we will notify you immediately so you may choose a different suitable colour or we will build a new one and send out to you (if we build a new one it will add 3 additional days to your delivery time) .

All orders are sent recorded delivery meaning the courier making the delivery will require an adult to sign for the delivery. If you are not at home, the parcel can be left with a neighbour or taken back to the delivery company’s warehouse. The courier will leave you a note in the event you are not at home.

We carry out checks on all orders and if we detect fraudulent use of a card for payment, we will have no option than to cancel the order. We will usually email to inform you of this cancellation.



As a UK based international company, we have warehouses in UK, Germany, France, Poland, Holland and USA. This allows us to speed up deliveries to our customers. We ship to European countries, Australia and America. Please email us info@funsegway.com  if your there is not postage for your delivery country and we can check how best we can ship to you..




  • Are our Hoverboards safe to use? Yes,  All our products have pass through trading standards and are fully CE/UL/UKAS Certified which means they are fully compliant and safe to sell and use throughout the world.
  • All our Hoverboards come with full UK/EU/USA chargers, plugs and accessories with full CE/UL Certification.
  • All our Hoverboards come with full SAMSUNG certified batteries (please see further below our Samsung certificate).
  • All boards and other products are sent directly from our UK Warehouse or one of our EU warehouses for all UK and EU countries. The parcel will be sent from the warehouse in your country of delivery or the warehouse closest to the delivery address.
  • All our Hoverboards  have fused plugs, chargers and have been tested in the UK/EU. Every one of our shipments are tested by trading standards before the boards are allowed to be let through customs.
  • How long does delivery take? Free UK delivery – 1- 3 working days, EU is 3-5 days, USA: 3-5 days, Canada,Russia, Australia and Middle East: 8-10 days, West Africa-3-4 weeks (excluding weekends and holidays). On very rare occasions delivery may take a little longer due to delay in flights and other postage issues beyond our control.
  • Which couriers do we use? We use DPD, UPS, Parcelforce of GSL for international deliveries.
  • Do we have all items in stock? Yes, we ensure all listed products are in stock ready to be shipped. If we have more demand we can build new ones within 2 days. We will be opening new warehouses in Brazil, Russia and Australia.
  • Where are we based? Our main warehouse is UK (London, Southampton and Manchester warehouses), we also have warehouses in Germany, Holland, France, Poland and USA (Los Angeles).
  • What is the warranty and repair service that come with them? All our products come with 12-month manufacturers warranty. Repair will be carried out
  • Can I visit you to pick up/buy items? Yes, please email us the date and time you want to visit our warehouses so we can make arrangement for you the see the types we have. Due to the our warehouse often being busy, we require 48hours notice if you wish to pick up any purchase.
  • I haven’t received my order: Please email us the following information; name, order number and item purchased to info@funsegway.com  and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

My Hoverboard is not working or has a RED Light;

The most common issue with Hoverboards is a RED light appearing on the board and the board not moving. The board will need to be RE-CALIBRATED. This is usually caused by constant banging against objects or over turning.

Please follow these steps to RE-CALIBRATE your Hoverboard:

  1. Please ensure the board is charged (the battery light should be green on the board).
  2. Ensure the board is turned off and placed on a level ground (you can do this on a table or any flat surface, the most important aspect is that it has to be levelled)
  3. Hold down the “on” button for about 30 seconds. The led lights on the front (the lights on the Disco ones will illuminate) will start flashing and you may hear a couple of beeps. This can go on for 1-5 minutes until the board is fully CALIBRATED.  Once completed, the flashing light will stop and you can turn off the board.
  4. Turn the board on after 2 minutes and test ride to ensure it is working appropriately
  5. This should resolve the issue of the RED LIGHT. If it doesn’t, please repeat 3 more times and email us.



  • All users of Hoverboards under the age of 14 need to wear Helmet and protective gears. This is to help reduce the risk of injury in the event of accidental fall.
  • Children under the age of 14 need to be supervised whiles riding Hoverboards.
  • Please ensure they are not ridden on main roads or on pavement to avoid colliding with other pedestrians.
  • What is this about Samsung batteries? There are many different components of a board. The battery is one of the most important. It generates the power and holds a charge. Our boards only use Samsung grade, high quality lithium-ion batteries, unlike other boards that use cheap, short-life batteries.
  • What wheel size should I buy? This will depend on the age and weight of the rider. The 4.5″ (special made is for younger children). most children from the age of 6 choose the 6.5″ which is not too high and easy to control. Children who are much more advanced for their age either choose the 7.5″ or 8″. If the child is quite confident in riding motorised scooters, we have seen a lot of under 14 year olds choosing the 10″ big wheels. For the Off-Road Hummer, please ensure the rider is minimum of 40kg to be able ride effectively.
  • Do the tyres need inflating? All the 6.5″, 7.5″, 8″, 8.5″ and 9″ tyres on all of our boards are solid rubber and do not need inflating except the 10″ inflatable ones with tubes.



  • UK Law dating back to 1835 states that you cannot use Electric Skateboards as well as Hoverboards on public roads or pathways except on private lands and designated parks. The European Commission Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Systems which also regulates the UK and all EU countries on motorised devises and vehicles has clarified the use of Hoverboards in the UK/EU. Below is a quote from the “Guide to application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC – 2nd Edition – June 2010”

 Travelling function

  • Without prejudice to road traffic regulations, self-propelled machinery and its trailers must meet the requirements for slowing down, stopping, braking and immobilisation so as to ensure safety under all the operating, load, speed, ground and gradient conditions allowed for
  • The driver must be able to slow down and stop self-propelled machinery by means of a main device. Where safety so requires, in the event of a failure of the main device, or in the absence of the energy supply needed to actuate the main device, an emergency device with a fully independent and easily accessible control device must be provided for slowing down and stopping.
  • Where safety so requires, a parking device must be provided to render stationary machinery immobile. This device may be combined with one of the devices referred to in the second paragraph, provided that it is purely mechanical.
  • All products sold by HoverFun™ meet the requirements stated above and therefore it is safe for you to buy and use your Hoverboard.
  • Please check the regulation in your respective countries if you are not within the EU.


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